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“West Coast Wild” THEME


·       All students come to school at the regular time of 9:00am. (Grade 7 students should arrive at the school by 8:30am in order to set up their morning stations.)

·       Students need to bring a pocket snack for the recess break that is labeled with your child’s name, in a disposable container, and requires no refrigeration (NO NUTS PLEASE!)

·       There will be a Primary Wheels Parade beginning around 9:20am. Primary students are invited to decorate their bicycles, tricycles, wagons and/or scooters for the Wheels Parade. This year’s theme is “West Coast Wild ” however, students do not need to be limited to this theme for the decorations so use your imagination. The Wheels Parade will take place around the school building perimeter and on the gravel field with the spectators standing on the inside of the gravel field or along the parade route. The route will be marked with cones and marshaled by some of our Grade 5 students. As the gravel field is part of the parade route, rollerblades are not allowed. *Please note that safety helmets are mandatory for the participation in this special event.

The decorated wheels are to be brought to the gym starting at 8:40am. The parade will start at approximately 9:20 am. After the parade the students will bring their “wheels” back to the gym. Parents are encouraged to take the “wheels” home during lunch, rather than storing them outside the gym for the remainder of the day.

·       From 9:40 – 11:40am, the Primary students will rotate through stations on the lower field.  Intermediate students will rotate through stations on the upper field. Clean-up will take place by our grade 7’s between 11:45am and 12 noon.

·       Students return to their classrooms to eat lunch at 11:40am. From 12:23-12:55pm students will be dismissed outside for the remainder of the lunch time. Parents who wish to eat lunch with their children, either off of school grounds or on the playground must notify the child’s teacher for safety reasons. Unfortunately, there is not enough space for parents to eat in the classrooms with the children.

·       Attendance will be taken back in the classrooms at 1:00pm. After attendance classes will go to the hill for afternoon activities.

·       At 1:10pm, there will be a pre-school race complete with ribbons, as well as a parent potato sack relay!  We hope that you will consider participating!

·       Each class will then participate in a Tug-of-War contest. The Grade 7 students will challenge parents and teachers to a Tug-of-War contest and then challenge each other in the Grade 7 Balloon Toss contest.

·       At 2:20pm, students will end their afternoon activities and do a grounds-clean-up. After clean-up, children will return to their classrooms and be dismissed for the day at 2:30pm. If you wish to leave earlier with your child(ren), please make these arrangements directly with your child’s teacher.

Have a great day!



Spring Update: Several weeks ago now we said goodbye to a very busy winter term. Our students were involved in many different activities such as field trips, including a successful one to Quebec City with our grade 7 immersion students, a successful basketball season in which our grade 7 Boys and Girls participated in a challenging tournament at Seaquam. The boys won all of their games and the girls only had one loss. Well done !

As we move into our final term of the year the pace seems to have picked up and the weather seems to be dramatically improving. As a result our students seem to think that the end is near with still 10 weeks to go. Track and Field is well under way and we have 140 students taking part this year. We have also started running our half marathon and on any given Monday, Wednesday and Friday you can find several hundred students running our .5 mile course around the school block. Math celebration takes place this week and our Reading Link challenge was held last week. We also have some intramural activities and clubs going on at lunch that include dodge ball, magic club and chess. Of course the big event of the term is our We Day Assembly and our Walk-a-thon.

On Wednesday, April 20th, the We Team hosted our seventh annual Sunshine Hills We Day: “the day we move from thinking just about ME to thinking about WE and how we can help others…” Our goal was to raise awareness of the terrible plight of so many young children in Africa. These children are without adequate food, water, shelter, safety, medical care, as well as the opportunity to go to school. These are basic things that we just take for granted in Canada. Our 2016 social responsibility goal is to raise $20,000 to build four primary classrooms for the children of Kericho, Kenya. Congratulations to our outstanding We Team assembly speakers, Logan Neidig, Jillian Baxter, Jayden Mulder, Kaleigh English, Maddison Biggin, Saiya Gill, James Konlup, Anisha Bal, Brendan Smith, Yana Fershstein, Joanna Inkster, Theonie Schmuecker, and Jackson Napier, who so passionately delivered our message of compassion, commitment and global social responsibility.

Then, on Friday, April 22, the students and staff of Sunshine Hills walked for the children of Kericho, Kenya in our seventh annual walk-a-thon. Despite the rain, our students put their hearts and souls into their walk to raise pledges to build the primary classrooms at the Kipkeremwo School. The students have brought home a letter explaining our fundraiser, a pledge sheet, and an envelope for donations. We are hoping to have all pledges in by Monday, May 9. Thank you for your generous support in this worthwhile cause! Here is the video that was created for this years We Day - Thank you to Brendan and Natalie Smith for summing up the last 6 years so well.


We Team Video from Richard Hall on Vimeo.

Hello January 2016

Welcome back to Sunshine Hills for Term 2.  Hoping that everyone had a wonderful holiday with family and friends and that 2016 is an amazing year for you.
Here are just a few reminders for the next few weeks:
    ✓    French Immersion Kindergarten Applications are now available at the office or can be downloaded from this site. Due date is Jan 29th at 4 pm. Download Application here
    ✓    French Immersion Kindergarten Parent info night is January 19th @ 6:30 pm @ Richardson Elementary
    ✓    French Immersion Grade 7 Info night January 14th @ 7 pm @ Burnsview (Library)
    ✓    English Grade 7 Info night @ Burnsview January 19th @ 6:45 pm Cafeteria
    ✓    Student Led Conferences January 28th - 2 pm dismissal


November News:

As we roll into November I am aware of how fast another school year is slipping by. October was a full and busy month here at SH beginning with the musical rock  band ‘Speed Control’ .  Speed Control Spent the day with us beginning with a performance that showcased the history of Canadian rock and roll and the artists behind some of the best Canadian songs since 1950. I could tell by the energy in our school gym that the students were pretty engaged. During the rest of the day the band went around to classes to ask students  about Sunshine Hills. After hearing all that classes had to say about the school the band worked with some of our older students to develop a song for our school. It was a very cool day which ended with an afternoon performance featuring the new Sunshine Hills song.
Here is the link to listen to our new Sunshine Hills Song:   OOOPS ...Coming Soon :)
We hope you enjoy it as much as the students and staff enjoyed making it along with the help of the Speed Control Band.
Early in the month our grade 7’s went to Camp Jubilee for an Outdoor Education experience. Other then the occasional downpour the students came home with smiling faces having had a great experience. Another big event that took place was our annual Cross Country Challenge. This year we had over 600 students from across the district join us which is our largest turnout in the 14 years of hosting the run. Congratulations to all our students who came out to practices and ran the event.  Special thanks to all our parent volunteers and we were especially pleased that event the weather cooperated.

The event was followed by our Parent / Teacher Conferences and we were appreciative of the great turn out. We value that parents understand the importance of the working relationship that happens between school and home in the positive development of children which is exemplified in the following poem:

Guiding Hand 
I dreamed I stood in a studio
And watched two sculptors there
The clay they used was a young child’s mind
And they fashioned it with care.
One was a teacher - the tools he used
were books, music and art.
The other, a parent, worked with guiding hands,
And a gentle, loving heart.
Day after day, the teacher worked with touch
That was deft and sure,
While the parent, standing by his side
Polished and smoothed it o’er.
And when at last their task was done,
They were proud of what they had wrought,
For the things they had moulded into the child,
Could never be sold nor bought.
And both agreed they would have failed
If each had worked alone,  
For behind the teacher stood the school
And behind the parent, the home.          ……Author unknown


School Goals at Sunshine Hills
Over the past several years we at Sunshine Hills have been working on two very specific goals as part of our School Growth Plan. Here are our Ministry Goals:
Goal #1: To improve literacy skills of all students with an emphasis on early intervention.
1.    To reduce the total number of At-Risk students in Reading and Writing
2.    To have 95% of students meeting or exceeding expectations or receiving C or better in reading and writing on their June report card.  
Goal #2: To improve student achievement in the area of Social Responsibility.
To have 95% of students meeting expectations as measured by the Social Responsibility Performance Standards in the following areas: 
¬    Contributing to the classroom, school and global community
¬    Solving problems in peaceful ways
There are many more initiatives that have been happening at Sunshine Hills over the past years. More to come on these but they include:
Mind - Up -  lessons that offer easy strategies for helping students focus their attention, improve their self-regulation skills, build resilience to stress, and develop a positive mind-set in both school and life. (School Wide)

Daily 5 -   Daily 5 is a structure teachers and students will use in literacy instruction . Children will be busy completing meaningful literacy tasks. The choices will be:
    Read to self, Work on writing, Word Work, Listen to reading, Read to Someone   
Working with UBC on a research project around Social/Emotional Learning
 Math Instruction - with Carole Fullerton - Peer mentoring/ collaboration geared towards the new curriculum