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Report Card Reminder

December 8, 2014

Term One report cards will be distributed on Wednesday, December 17th. We pushed the distribution date in order to give teachers extra time to get to know your child and to be accurate in their data collection and comments. See below for more information regarding report cards.

Report Cards

Assessment, evaluation and reporting are integral components of
the teaching-learning process. The purpose of assessment,
evaluation and reporting is to enhance and support student
Assessment involves the systematic gathering of information in order to
describe what students know, are able to do, and are working toward.
Evaluation involves the analysis, synthesis and interpretation of the
assessment information based upon those standards included in the
Integrated Resource Packages (IRP’s) as mandated learning outcomes.
These learning outcomes outline what students need to know and should
be able to do in particular curricular areas.
Reporting is the consultative process of clearly and concisely
communicating to parents how well students have achieved the learning
outcomes in their educational programs.

In the Primary grades, students do not receive letter grades. Children’s
progress is reported in relation to the prescribed learning outcomes for each
grade. These expectations are general statements about children’s
development and learning over time. They take into account children’s
knowledge, experience and interest in an integrated curriculum.
In the Intermediate grades, students receive letter grades indicating their
levels of performance in relation to the learning outcomes identified for each
subject and grade.

All formal reports include a description of student behaviour, attitudes, work
habits and effort. These reports describe:
• what students are able to do;
• the areas in which students require further attention; and
• ways to support students in their learning.