Staff Directory

Staff List 2017/18

26/7Mrs. HopeMrs. Hope's Website
35/6Mr. Genuist
44/5Ms. Wilson
54/5Ms. Cadieux/Ms. Ng
63/4Ms. Howes/Ms. Mills
72/3Ms. Klassen
81/2Ms. Tsougrianis
91/2Ms. Ferreira
10KMs. Cozens/Ms. Saksono
116/7Mme Pollock
126/7Mme Meredith
135/6Mme Atchison
144/5Mme McGuire/Mme Filippi
154/5Mme Martin
163/4Mme Brown
173Mme Cockayne
182/3Mme Mari
192Mme Affleck/MmeBoutin
202Mme Abraham/ Mme McGuire
211Mme Gittens
221Mme Zerbinos/Mme Krywiak
23KMme Ross
24KMme Tang

Here is a list of Classroom Websites and Blogs:

Division 11 Mme Pollock

Division 2 Ms Hope

Division 14 Mme McGuire/Mme Filippi

Division 15 Mme Martin

Division 17 Mme Cockayne

Division 18 Mme Mari

Division 20 Mme Abraham/Mme McGuire

DIV 22 Mme Zerbinos

Division 23 Mme Ross       Mme Ross’ youtube channel for French Songs

Division 24 Mme Tang